Tuesday, December 6, 2011

People I am looking for

I love people. Except those who accumulate so much power in their hands that they eventually lose their sense of humanity. Do I need to give any examples? I hope that everybody in this planet shall have the basic provisions to lead a dignified life.
People I'd like to meet: Artists, activists, teachers, people in general. Especially people who are not content with the status quo on the planet. People who do not conform to pre-established norms and rules. People who don't think that the older they get, they must consider what they thought it was true when they were young. Whatever they thought it was true before, it is even truer now. People who believe that universal healthcare should be for all and not for a few. People who love Nature. People who spend some time talking to their pets. People who believe that women should be given the chance to hold whatever position in any kind of government they yearn. Men have proven that things do not work when they are in power. In sum, people who still believe in humankind.


  1. mindful of the effect optimism, kindness, love, and generosity can have on the small world around us, we salute you! our small world is bigger because you are in it.

  2. What beautiful text .... if everyone had the sensitivity you have, we would be better ... WELL kisses

  3. Jonathan... It is so good to hear that I am in your world, my dearest...
    Suliede... love your words. Beijos...